La Fortuna College

The La Fortuna College Seal
















The seal of La Fortuna College is characterized by three distinctive triangles; an octagon; and the Latin words "VERITAS ET HONOR, VIS IN PERITIA." The three Latin meaning: TRUTH AND HONOR; and STRENGTH IN SKILL

Each distinct triangle has two shades in it, meaning: education and entrepreneurship; education and the world; and education and enlightenment, respectively


The Octagon symbolizes the number of members in the Espinoza family. There are seven siblings and a parent all of whom are pillars and investors of education known as the founders of La Fortuna College circa 1995.


Philosophy, Vision and Mission of La Fortuna College




The Learning Institution is an instrument of God to help develop the human essence as a body, mind, and spirit by providing relevant, accessible, professional, modern, and innovative education.




To be a top provider of quality, trainable, and skilled workforce at par with global standards; entrepreneurially inclined and equipped with an indomitable spirit to succeed.




To strategically improve, upgrade and effectively deliver quality education and other related programs and services to the public that are focused on industry needs.



College Hymn

















Hail, hail, La Fortuna

We lift thy name on high

Journeying through our pursuit of truth

in the halls of distinguished La Fortuna

May the Lord Almighty bless

and bestow us with

the will to chart

a path of knowledge

and to see our dreams fulfilled

La Fortuna

Truth and Honor Strength in Skill





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